Seattle Facelift Surgery

Dr. Frank Isik has over a decade of facelift surgery experience in the Seattle area. Dr. Isik is also honored as a top doctor by Seattle Magazine and Seattle Metropolitan Magazine.

facelift is technically known as a rhytidectomy (literally, surgical removal of wrinkles). A Facelift is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to give a more youthful appearance. As part of the normal aging process of your face, deep folds and creases may form around your mouth, eyes, cheek and neck. This is often accompanied by the descent of cheek fat which makes cheeks appear flat. Fat deposits can form in the lower face (jowls) and neck (submental fat).

A facelift can remove the excess skin and fat around the jaw line and neck, remove skin folds and creases in front of the ear, tighten the neck muscle (platysma), and restore a crisp definition to your face. During a facelift, the descended cheek fat will be restored to a higher position. A facelift can be done alone, but is often done in conjunction with other procedures such as eyelid surgery or a brow lift. The result of a facelift is a more youthful, natural look.

A facelift should never be “obvious” with a tight or pulled back appearance to your face, which can occur with inexperienced facelift surgeons who use a skin-only method. Rather, a facelift should look very natural. One of the signs of having had a facelift can be an earlobe which is pulled forwards and/or distorted. If too much skin is removed, or a more vertical vector not employed, the face can assume a pulled-back, “windswept” appearance.

Dr. Frank Isik is a board certified plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience in facelift surgery to assure you that your facelift results will appear natural. Dr. Isik uses the deep-plane facelift method pioneered by Dr. Sam Hamra, one of the true pioneers in facelift surgery. The deep-plane facelift repositions the skin with the cheek fat and neck muscles in harmony with each other, assuring you of a very natural yet rejuvenated facial appearance. The skin is never tight with this facelift method and you will never appear “windswept”.

Dr. Isik. He is a fabulous doctor and has a great staff.

facelift before image face lift after

Facelift incisions are concealed around your ear and in the hairline. Once healed, the incisions will be difficult to see. Because of the particular facelift technique used by Dr. Isik, you will never get the excessively tight look to your face, a dreaded complication of the skin-only techniques. The images below show the improvement you can see in the neck. A small incision is made under the chin to remove the fat and tighten neck muscles.

Before neck surgery After Necklift

Facelift surgery is done as outpatient surgery, meaning you will go home the same day. A facelift requires skin incisions; however, the incisions in front of and behind the ear are usually inconspicuous. Bruising tends to be minimal after the first week. Most people take 2 weeks off from work to recover from swelling that accompanies a facelift.

The best candidate for this surgery is a man or woman aged late thirties to late seventies. Patients with poorly controlled high blood pressure should refrain from surgery until their blood pressure is well controlled. Patients who smoke should cease smoking for at least 6 weeks before surgery because complication rates will be higher.

We perform outpatient facelift surgery for patients from Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland and the greater Western Washington area. For patients from Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska, we coordinate reduced rate accommodations at several high-quality hotels within walking distance of our plastic surgery center. Contact our Seattle office for a consultation, to see patient photos and learn about the cost of surgery.