Rhinoplasty Seattle, WA

Dr. Frank Isik performs Rhinoplasty in Seattle, WA. Commonly referred to as “nose surgery” or a “nose job”, rhinoplasty surgery can correct congenital or acquired deformities of your nose, including breathing problems.

After puberty, the nose will develop its final shape and size. Some men and women may notice that the tip of the nose is too large or too wide in comparison to the rest of their face. Nose surgery can refine the nasal tip and provide better definition so that the tip is more refined, not bulbous. Nose surgery can reduce or in some cases, increase the size of your nose to better match your facial features. Most commonly, nose surgery is done to change the shape of the tip of your nose or remove the hump on the bridge of your nose.

Nose Surgery For Deformities or After Injuries

Some individuals develop a hump on their nose, or the whole nose may look too big or wide for their face. Nose surgery corrects the excess cartilage and bone structure that is causing the hump or hooked appearance. By narrowing the nasal bones, the operation can correct a wide appearing nose. Some patients will have a deviated nose and deviated septum from a prior injury. Nose surgery can correct deformities and straighten the nose to its previous shape. Severely injured noses may require a more extensive correction.

Before Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty Seattle, WA

The incisions for the nose surgery are concealed within your nostrils and there is a small incision at the bottom of your nose, which heals imperceptibly within a few months.

Before nose surgery Nose Surgery Seattle, WA

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty is done as an outpatient procedure, meaning that you go home the same day. You may have packings in your nose for 1 day that is subsequently removed in the clinic. You will have swelling and may have bruising around the eyes, especially if the nasal bones required fracturing (breaking) to give you the look you are after. You will require 1-2 weeks off from work.

The operation often involves making a small scar on the underside of your nose. The cartilage and bony structures are then reshaped to correct any deformities and refine the appearance of your nose. Depending on the anatomy, the operation may involve breaking the nasal bones to narrow the bridge of your nose. This will cause some bruising to occur around your eyes and may last for several days to 1 week.

Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Seattle, WA

You are welcome to come in for a consultation to see additional patient photos and learn about the cost of rhinoplasty surgery. We perform outpatient surgery for patients from Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland and the greater Western Washington area. For patients from Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska, we coordinate reduced rate accommodations at several high-quality hotels that are within walking distance of our plastic surgery center and downtown Seattle.