Leg Contouring with Thigh Lift

Cosmetic surgery procedures including leg lift, body lift, and body contouring surgery are designed to reshape facial and body structures to improve your appearance and self-esteem, especially for people who have lost weight by diet, exercise, or bypass surgery. The loss in weight occurs in the fatty layer of your skin, but not in the skin itself. The expanded skin over your face, neck, chest, breast, belly, leg, arm and thigh area becomes unsightly and a nuisance. In some cases, infections can develop in and under the skin folds.

Dr. Frank Isik is a board-certified Seattle plastic surgeon who has practiced thigh lift surgery for more than a decade. Dr. Isik is also honored as a Top Doc for plastic and cosmetic surgery by Seattle Magazine and as a Seattle Metropolitan Magazine Top Doctor.

The excess skin can be very problematic in the legs, thighs, knees and buttocks areas. For the thigh region, most patients require removal of excess skin from the inner thigh, upper knees and buttocks region. Removal of the excess skin will result in a groin crease scar, with or without an upper inner thigh scar. The length of the scars depends on your current anatomy. The result of a thigh lift is a natural definition of your upper thighs that match your lower thighs. In some instances, liposuction of the knee area can be done at the same time.

thigh lift thigh lift

Depending on your current anatomy and where the excess skin and fat is located, you may require an inner groin incision or, both an inner and outer groin incision with resulting scars.

thigh lift thigh lift

The thigh lift may be combined with a buttock, or gluteal lift to dramatically change your lower body appearance. The buttock lift removes the sagging appearance from your backside and is often combined with a circumferential tummy tuck. The excess skin is removed and the buttocks reshaped to provide a more natural contour.

Because dramatic weight loss can cause global changes in your face and body, it is common to address several areas, but not at the same time. For the face and neck, a facelift can restore your facial appearance and remove remaining areas of fat deposits. In the breast, a breast lift can dramatically change the appearance of your figure, in some cases combined with a breast enlargement to restore a fuller look. For the belly, a tummy tuck can remove the excess skin and sometimes combined with liposuction to remove residual areas of fat deposits around your hips. These surgeries are often staged over one to many different surgeries and individualized recommendations will be given to you at your consultation. The staging of these surgeries assures your safety and swift recovery from each stage.

Your safety is paramount. All body contouring procedures are performed by Dr. Frank Isik in Seattle Washington, who is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over a decade of experience accompanied by an experienced anesthesiologist or CRNA in a AAAASF certified operating room to assure your safety.

You are welcome to come for a consultation and see additional patient photos and learn about the cost of thigh lift surgery. We perform outpatient surgery for patients from Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland and the greater Western Washington area. For patients from Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska, we coordinate reduced rate accommodations at several high-quality hotels that are within walking distance of our plastic surgery center and downtown Seattle.

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